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Adopt-an-Animal- Komodo

Share our passion for animal care and conservation by adopting an animal from San Antonio Zoo. Some of our animal ambassadors have been making waves in the news and are true fan favorites. Now, you can take one home!

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PROGRAM: Adopt-an-Animal- Komodo
Bubba the Komodo


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This option is for Adopt-an-Animal pick up at the zoo's Lion's Pride Gift Shop. For shipping please visit our online merchandise store.

Your support will help us continue providing the best care for our animals, contribute to world-class habitats, and enrichment activities. Adopt-an-Animal parents will receive:

  • A certificate of adoption
  • Color 5×7 photo with a personalized bio about the animal
  • Voucher to redeem plush

Bubba, the Komodo Dragon, is on of San Antonio Zoo’s most laid -back residents.  This dragon enjoys a little rest and relaxation in his lush habitat by either basking on a sunny day or getting back rubs. Back rubs!? Yes, that’s right. Bubba enjoys getting a massage from his animal care team. This strengthens the bond between the animal care team and Bubba. Komodo Dragons can only be found on five Indonesian islands, mainly the famed isle of Komodo. 

Birthday: February 9, 1994
Favorite treat: Lamb chops
Weight: 150 pounds
Fun fact: Komodo’s are the world’s largest lizard.
Loves to: Get back rubs.

Conservation status: Vulnerable