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Annual Fund

Your Help Supports It All. Creatures come in all shapes and sizes, and donations do too! As a 501(c)3 non-profit, we rely on donors like you to help us inspire people to love, engage with, act for, and protect animals and the places they live. With your support of the Call of the Wild Annual Fund, your donations will help with a variety of mission-supporting efforts at San Antonio Zoo.


Since 1956, the San Antonio Zoo Eagle, formerly known as the Brackenridge Eagle, has chugged along the tracks skirting the banks of the San Antonio River as it makes its way through one of San Antonio’s most popular parks.

Will Smith Zoo School

Will Smith Zoo School is a nature-based preschool connecting children to animals and the environment. Donate to Will Smith Zoo School and help children grow with nature. Gifts to Will Smith Zoo School provide tuition assistance to under-served children through an endowment generously created by H-E-B.

Animal Health Center

San Antonio Zoo is pleased to announce that plans are underway for a much needed expansion to our animal hospital. The expansion includes a new surgical unit, pharmacy and lab and will add 1,054 square feet to the existing 2,658 square feet animal hospital.


Wildlife conservation and education are at the forefront for San Antonio Zoo’s Department of Conservation and Research. Your support of the San Antonio Zoo Conservation Fund ensures the success of critical Wildlife Conservation Programs, both locally and internationally, to secure populations of endangered wildlife and protect vanishing wild places.

Texas Horned Lizard

The Texas Horned Lizard Reintroduction Project at Center for Conservation and Research (CCR) at San Antonio Zoo seeks to restore the Texas Horned Lizard population by working with private landowners to introduce zoo hatched lizards in areas where it has disappeared in recent decades. CCR assesses candidate release sites based on several criteria using remote habitat ranking and boots-on-the-ground surveys. In addition, CCR provides management guidance and assistance to landowners who wish to manage their property for native biodiversity, including horned lizards.

Mexican Blindcat

The Mexican blindcat (Prietella phreatophila) is a rare subterranean catfish known from twelve sites in Coahuila, Mexico. Members of our team recently documented a population in Val Verde County, Texas, the first confirmed occurrence of this species in the United States.

Peruvian Harlequin Toad

The neotropics are home to the “harlequin toads” of the genus Atelopus. These toads inhabit tropical forests ranging from Central America south through tropical wet forests on both the eastern and western flanks of the Andes, stretching east through the Guyanas south into wet forests of Brazil.

Planned Giving

A planned gift to San Antonio Zoo affords you the opportunity to meet multiple personal goals. Through a collaborative process with zoo leadership and your advisors, you can be certain that your individually tailored gift will mutually benefit San Antonio Zoo and you! Careful consideration of the timing and type of your gifts can make it possible for you to achieve a number of financial and philanthropic objectives for San Antonio Zoo as well as for you and your family.


Honor the special people in your life or celebrate a special occasion – birthday, anniversary, or wedding – with a gift to the zoo in their honor. San Antonio Zoo will send an acknowledgment of your gift to the recipient.


A memorial gift to San Antonio Zoo is a heartfelt way to pay tribute to a friend, colleague, mentor, or loved one while supporting the zoo’s vision of securing a future for wildlife. When you make a memorial or tribute donation you will receive a receipt acknowledging your gift. If you choose, we will also send a letter to the individual(s) being honored or a family member of your loved one who has passed, informing them of your gift but keeping the amount of your gift confidential.

Generation Zoo

San Antonio Zoo is embarking on Generation Zoo, a philanthropic campaign that encompasses the first phase of the master plan to elevate San Antonio Zoo into a world-class experience.

Will Smith Zoo School Annual Fund

Will Smith Zoo School is a nature-based preschool connecting children to animals and the environment.